A step-change in effectiveness FOR PROFESSIONALS

For consultants, lawyers, notaries, accountants, engineers.

I help professionals become the best version of themselves, individually and collectively

As a professional, you are constantly evolving:

• You master and advance the state of the art in your field
• You acquire new, bigger clients and increasingly complex assignments
• You tailor your approach to specific and often new client situations
• You develop advisory skills to match the growing seniority of your clients
• You carry increasing financial and collegial responsibility

In this way, many professionals assume roles for which they were never really trained, and which weren’t the reason for which they stepped into their profession. Then it’s not surprising that you sometimes find yourself saying, of yourself, your team, or your firm: this isn’t really working. Or it does work, but it’s far from ideal.

It’s challenging to recognize such a situation. It’s even harder to become clear about what to keep, and what needs to change. And the hardest part, probably, is to turn your aspirations into action. Especially when you’re stepping into uncharted territory.

I help with each of these challenges. As your personal coach, as facilitator for your team, or as advisor to your firm.

My background

I am a self-employed personal coach, team facilitator, and executive consultant with a focus on professionals and professional service firms. I love it when individuals or groups take a leap forward in my presence. My aim is to enable you to get substantially closer to your objectives, and make your journey more enjoyable.

Before I started my current track, I first spent 14 years at McKinsey & Company as a consultant on strategy and change. Here I developed a reputation as a strong problem solver and a good people developer. I learned to be hypothesis-driven in my thinking, became a good team leader, mentor and recruiter, and built experience in supporting organizations through episodes of change. It’s also where I discovered that I could use my passionate curiosity to help clients, when I found that my questions helped them truly understand their situation.

I left McKinsey in 2007 to lead an international service business, and returned to an advisory role as a self-employed coach/facilitator/consultant in 2010. Through a parallel process of training and practice, I’ve deepened my understanding of personal, group and organizational dynamics, and I’ve developed a broad repertoire of interventions at these levels.

I continue to learn, through training and self-education and, importantly, by seeking opportunities to work at the edge of my abilities. Working at that maximum-stretch point guarantees that my clients get the best of what I have to offer, and that I continue to grow from every engagement.

Today, who I am and what I do are completely aligned.

I work from Amsterdam, but I’m happy to meet you elsewhere.

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